Who are we?

We, the company isolit GmbH, exist since 1968 and are a family-owned company in the third generation. We operate injection molding technology with plastic granulate on behalf of our customers in diverse industries. These reach worldwide from the furniture industry over the textile and food industry to the medical industry.

Round cakeform

Till now we create round forms with a diameter from 140mm up to 276mm and different heights from 35mm up to 75mm.

Square cakeform

We produce square forms in two sizes with different heights. The size is 290x195mm and 320x220mm. The height varies from 30mm up to 50mm.


Our buckles have also different forms and sizes. They have at least a width of 20mm and a maximum of 25mm.


The spacerplates produced by us fits perfectly in our round forms. You can lower the cakesize from 10mm up to 40mm with our spacerplates.

Glass substitute

Our glass substitue is made of polycarbonate to get a real glass feeling. Furthermore it won't be damaged in case of falling down.

Bild von Beatriz Pérez Moya aus Unsplash

Product portfolio

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